Let’s talk

I feel like I always have so much to say in every blog post. For once, I don’t have anything to say.

Last year, I was asked by a friend to help him create a group on campus where students could go for open discussions on life’s biggest questions, self-care, mental well-being and everything in between. Starting this group is near and dear to my heart, and we call it The Listeners.

Yesterday, he messaged me to let me know that the Listeners were having their first meeting tomorrow night. I don’t have any words to describe how excited I am for this group to start meeting. We were lucky to be supported by McWell – an incredible resource on campus that I think everyone should take advantage of at some point. They always have fresh berries and a cool make-your-own essential oils blend table. I don’t think there is a hallway on campus that smells as good and calming as McWell.

Today’s post is going to be a little different because instead of me talking at you, I want you to talk to me. Being abroad makes it difficult to stay in touch and in tune with everyone’s lives, so today I want to follow in the spirit of our special group and listen. 

So talk to me. I don’t care if we’ve never spoken before. I don’t care if the last time we spoke was a year ago, or a few months ago, or last week. I don’t care if you hate me, or love me or feel completely neutral about me. Do you need someone to listen? Let me be that person today, tomorrow or next week.

Next week I’ll follow up with an update on spring break and my life in Dublin lately. Until then, I want to take this time and listen to you. So email me, text me, Facebook message me or send an international carrier pigeon.

Let’s do this thing.

The light in me honors the light in you,



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